About us

BlockEdge Capital was founded on the idea of bringing Blockchain Technology based investing to the public in a way that is easy to understand and allow for seamless entry into this exploding marketplace.

Our daily interaction with the trading community has brought this need into a sharp focus for us as a fintech group. Every day we realize the struggles the novice and seasoned trader encounters when approaching the crypto marketplace-dealing with exchanges, wallets and just the overall complete lack of informed trading decisions in the crypto asset sphere. The complete lack of a cohesive solution is apparent and brought to the forefront by our current and possible future clientele. We are positioned to bring this new technology and opportunity to the world.

Whether you are a small investor saving for retirement or a high net worth individual, finding trusted advice in traditional markets can be as simple as making a phone call. Fund managers and investment advisors are lined up to offer high touch service.

Entering the digital asset class, on the other hand, is a jarring experience. In this ecosystem of centralized and decentralized exchanges, foreign concepts like digital signatures, private keys and recent phenomena such as initial coin offerings, makes the need for trusted advice a welcome sight.


The Rhythm platform allows BlockEdge to monitor market trends, securely move funds between cold storage and digital asset exchanges, including conducting brokered trades. Users can respond to buy / sell recommendations with a single touch on a mobile device. This includes maintaining balances in their own wallets along with approving or revoking access to BlockEdge initiated trades at any time.

Our Model

Our edge is an investment model based on principles of rhythm, backed by an experienced financial team.

Rhythm symbolizes the movement and patterned recurrence in the markets. Everything moves in a wave formation: gravity, sound, light and energy. We have just identified those cycles that dictate nature and directed them to the human element in digital assets.

We use Technical and Cyclical Analysis for all markets. We seek and define repeatable edges as it pertains to price with a risk management process that covers multiple time horizons. The model is fractal in nature, meaning it covers any time frame with the smaller micro trends building into the larger longer-term macro trends.

We believe that quality investments begin and end with a consistent and repeatable investment approach. We understand that markets are volatile and not always favorable, and our strategies strive to dampen risk and preserve capital even during turbulent times. We give our investors the best chance to achieve returns that are balanced and mindful of downside risk. This makes our trading model sustainable over the long run.

Our investment processes are clearly defined and wholly transparent. We believe that smart investors want to know exactly how their money is being managed, which is why we disclose our investment strategies, performance and portfolio holdings.